“We are problem solvers and work with our customers to tackle complex cybersecurity issues and challenges.”

— Michael Volk, Founder and Managing Partner, GuidePoint Security

From the ticket gate/grand stands

  • Walk down the grand stands toward the scoring pylon/tower
  • Continue past the scoring pylon/tower and head into the "test track area" - you will pass public restrooms and the showers on the way
  • You will be heading to the back "fenced in area"
  • Our team space is 839, which is located two rows back on the test track/fenced in area

Via the Tram

  • Exit the tram and take your first right to the team spaces
  • You will pass a large party/Operation Barbecue relief on your left
  • Go to the second row and take a right - head down that row and we are space 839

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