“We are problem solvers and work with our customers to tackle complex cybersecurity issues and challenges.”

— Michael Volk, Founder and Managing Partner, GuidePoint Security

Featured Speakers

Michael Khalil, Senior Security Architect, GuidePoint Security

Michael Khalil started his career as a network engineer working for a specialized law firm focusing on Home Retention. Michael worked as a Security Engineer in many top financial institutions which includes a leadership role where Michael was responsible for building a security engineering team of over 15 Security engineers to support America’s fastest growing Mortgage lender. Michael Also worked for a Software as a Service(SAAS) company that focused on providing big data analytics for vehicles. Michael was responsible for the cloud security and network security strategy to integrate this solution into the customer’s environments. Michael is currently a Senior Security Architect at GuidePoint Security, where he focuses on assisting customers implement, optimize, and refresh solutions to meet their Information Security requirements. 

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